The Super Soca Show!

The Super Soca Show!

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Genre: Soca
Call in: 07960240198

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Timezone: BST [UTC+1]
12:00 - 14:00
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The Super Soca Show!

Bristol’s very own weekly Soca radio show hosted by a collective of the city’s leading DJs – Dub Boy, Atki2Jonesy Wales and Kaptin Barrett AKA AAA Badboy. Bringing new tunes from across the Caribbean, covering Bashment Soca, Groovy Soca, Dennery Segment, Jab Jab, Power Soca, Bouyon, Chutney and beyond.

Bristol has been brewing a small but passionate Soca scene for the past few years, through producers such as Jus Now and nights such as Ruffnek Diskotek at Cosies run by Dub Boy and Sam Atki2 or Tun Up! At The Attic which is also co-run by Dub Boy and Jonesy Wales. Between them the Super Soca Show crew have played at carnivals and festivals across the world, from Trinidad to Hong Kong.

About your hosts

Tim “Dub Boy” Rayner

Tim “Dub Boy” Rayner;  this one 4th of ‘The Super Soca’ show is quite the selector – having played alongside luminaries ranging from David Rodigan, Digital Mstikz, Klute and Congo Natty. He recently sent over his new 38 track reggae and dancehall mix to Spannered, which we’re sure you’ll agree is an absolute stonker.



Atki2 – aka Sam Atkins – is a producer, DJ, pianist and presenter, plus, the co-promoter of Ruffnek Diskotek. He has released tracks on various labels such as State51 conspiracy, Steak House Records, Idle Hands, Immerse and more.

 @sam_atki2 (Twitter & Instagram) 

Jonesy Wales

If you’re into trap/Afrobeat/dennery/soca, then Jordan “Jonesy Wales” Jones is the DJ for you!  Give him a listen-he will take you through Nigeria, Zimbabwe, Burundi, Ghana, Rwanda, Barbados, St. Vincent, St. Lucia and Trinidad. Phew. What a trip

@jonesy_wales (Twitter)

@jonesy_wales (Instagram) 

Kaptin Barrett aka AAA Badboy

“Like many of you, music is a way for me to connect with the world and discover things about myself. I love the way it can inspire change and bring people together; for over 20 years I’ve been making full sense of that as a promoter, curator, DJ, radio host and rapper amongst many other things”

@KaptinIsDead (Twitter)

@AAABadboy (Instagram) 


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