Let’s Talk About Blood and Organ Donation – Episode 4 – 21/12/23

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Ms Divine
Corrd Da Seeker

We’re on episode 4 and really enjoying it! Who knew that we’d be discussing and learning about what health issues our blood and organ donation goes towards and just how it helps.



Again, we have to say a huge thanks to Annedeloris from Bristol Black Carers – none of this would be possible without her.

Because we know you do! Then tune into our next show to call or text in to 07960 240 198 so you can speak to this powerhouse of passion and knowledge in realtime. Speaking of, did you know Annedeloris recently won an award…

So truuuust and believe when we say she’s the person to ask!

And if you needed more inspiration, one of our very own regularly gives blood and had the same questions and concerns as you. However, the experience (aka the needle, lol!) wasn’t as bad as she thought.

The nurses were kind, caring and took the time to listen to my worries which helped calm my nerves. One was so kind the stayed with me the whole time and took this pic for me!


Are you ready to give the gift of life? Then click here to register as a donor and find out more.



See you next time on Jan 18th!

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Let’s Talk About Blood and Organ Donation – Episode 3 – 23/11/23

Hosted by….

Corrd Da Seeker
Ms Divine

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People, can you believe we’re three shows in? We’re having a great time talking about blood and organ donation and you know what, it’s becoming less taboo to us. What about you?

Your voice and feelings matter as these are such important foundations that the NHS and Bristol Black Carers are building their work upon. Not only that, but sharing how you feel can help shape the work of blood and organ donation not just for you, but your community too.

So comment below on this post, call/text in or send us a DM on social media. Right, back to the show!

As always, a massive big up to Anndeloris from Bristol Black Carers for her enery, passion and knowledge steering us through such a big topic. We’ve learned a lot and hope you have too, so with that said…

Are you ready to give the gift of life?”


Yes! Then click here to register and donate blood in your area.

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