About Ujima Radio

Ujima Radio

Who We Are

Ujima Radio is your local Bristol Community radio station – supplying you with news, discussion and music: We Celebrate African and Caribbean cultures through music and informative talk.

We are a non-profit Social Enterprise Community Interest Company providing support and training for over 150 volunteers each year.

We broadcast across Bristol and promote African and Caribbean artistic, economic and community enhancement by providing media opportunities for communication, development, exposure and growth.

Ujima Radio

What We Do

We Provide economic and community development opportunities.

We Provide a media platform for communication, community development and increase social capital.

We Provide Media Training and Consultancy for community organisations, businesses and individuals.

The station provides a popular and accessible range of programmes designed specifically to meet the needs of the African-Caribbean community in the specified areas of Bristol.

A broad spectrum of appeal ensures strong community support and participation. This includes news, arts and cultural programmes made by the community for the community, plus training in radio production and media skills to support people living in areas of high deprivation, many of whom have been excluded from school and whom are Not in Education, Employment or Training.



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Collective work and responsibility, to build and maintain our community together and make our brother’s and sister’s problems our problems and to solve them together

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