Bristol Dub Club Soundsystem Extravaganza! Raising AWARENESS for the Justice for Marlon Thomas Campaign

Bristol Dub Club – All Day & Night & Night family friendly session!

A family friendly all day & night party held at Lost Horizon on Saturday 13th July. The event starts at 14:00 and finishes at 03:00 with last entry at 02:00. The event has been tagged in the dubreggaeroots reggae and rock steady categories.

After an incredible sell out event at Lost Horizon in January when Roots Injection met 1Relation, Bristol Dub Club is back with a 13 hour dub reggae soundsystem extravaganza in support of the ‘Justice For Marlon Thomas Campaign’ featuring 2 of Bristol’s finest sound systems as well as some brilliant guest artists from near and far.

Bristol’s veteran thunderweight sound Jah Lokko Sound System will be playing throughout the day out in the yard while 1Relation Sound System (next generation) will be stringing up in the hall to takeover at 10pm and carry it on through the night!
There’s gonna be some killer local singers & MC’s bouncing off each other and bringing the vibes across both segments of this dance, a contrast between the deep soulful, silky & sweet tones of Rudey Lee & Sista Ina and the more militant mic chanting style of stalwarts Victor & Snoopy. plus there’ll be guest selection from Anonymous Dub Sound as well as special guests Mighty Oak coming all the way down from Scotland to play a unique set for the people!For this edition of Bristol Dub Club we are also supporting an important cause by trying to raise awareness and donating any profits made to the Justice For Marlon Thomas Campaign.
For those who don’t know, Marlon Thomas, along with other young black people, were the victims of a brutal racist attack by thugs working at a fairground stationed on the Durdham Downs in Bristol in 1994.
The perpetrators of this heartless & racially aggravated assault set upon Marlon and others with baseball bats, hammers, pieces of wood, and whatever else they could get their hands on whilst shouting racial slurs.
Marlon was left fighting for his life with severe head injuries, and, although he survived after spending many weeks in hospital, he has been left with minimal quality of life ever since the attack, with his family bearing the weight of a lifetime of caring for him whilst also facing the never ending reminder of their loss & the injustice that took place that day.
Meanwhile the aggressors received lenient sentences and were eventually able to continue with their lives.
Rudey Lee who will be singing at this event is also Marlon’s brother and one of his primary carers, He is an excellent reggae artist in his own right having performed and recorded many tracks over the years, including projects with Dubkasm.We want to reflect on this racial injustice that took place in our city and show some love and solidarity to Marlon Thomas who had his potential so cruelly snatched away, as well as to Rudey Lee and the whole family who have had to live with this painful injustice for so many years.
To let them know that Bristol still cares and they are not alone while they continue to face the struggles and financial uncertainties whilst caring for Marlon.This one is for Marlon Thomas and his family,

This is going to be a memorable one people so come support the ting & enjoy yourself!

There will be food as well. ️

Unity in the community! ❤️

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