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Let’s Talk About Blood and Organ Donation – Episode 6 – 22/02/24

Let’s Talk About Blood and Organ Donation – Episode 6 – 22/02/24

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Show: Let’s Talk about Blood and Organ Donation
Episode Number: 6
Broadcasted: 10:30
  on 22nd February 2024

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We’d just like to say a massive…

thank you sign

for tuning in every week and engaging with us on such a taboo subject – it means a lot to us.

None of this would be possible without the talent, passion and drive of our hosts

Miss Divine radio host on performance stage
Ms Divine
Corrd Da Seeker radio host osing for a picture
Corrd Da Seeker

And of course the knowledgable, esteemed and powerhouse that is…

Picture of a Black woman called Annedeloris

Annedeloris Chacon from Bristish Black Carers. All three of them have done such a great job in asking and answering questions on a topic our community hasn’t engaged in with an open mind….for very valid reasons!

We do not know where our gift of goes, but it does save someones life


It sure does! On to the episode….


As always, brought to you by…


Ujima radio, NHS and Bristol Black Carers logo


Check out some of the pictures:

Now listen to the show if you missed it – click on the link below and share if you care. Don’t forget to leave a comment!

Ready to donate? Click here to find out more. And keep an eye out for more information on sickle cell…coming soon!

Episode Show

  • Ujima Radio has a brand new show! ‘Let’s Talk About: Blood & Organ Donation’ We have teamed up with Bristol Black Carers & the NHS to bring you 6-7 shows discussing this subject.  Tune in […]
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