Let’s Talk About Blood & Organ Donation – Episode 2 – 19/10/23

Let’s Talk About Blood & Organ Donation – Episode 2 – 19/10/23

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Show: Let’s Talk about Blood and Organ Donation
Episode Number: 2
Broadcasted: 10:00
  on 19th October 2023

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Comment down below and play your part in shaping blood and organ donation. No matter how big or small your thoughts, it’s important and we wanna hear it.

You can also call or text in to 07960 240 198.

Here are some of our key moments….you gotta listen to the episode for more!

Also, language makes all the difference. Annedeloris of Bristol Black Carers and recent recipient of an award (bup bup!) came up with this phrase:

Would you like a give a gift of life to someone else?


Sounds much better than doesn’t it? Or does it? What do you think? What language would make you feel more comfortable? Listen back to hear what a local, Bristol resident has to say about blood and organ donation.

Another gem from Annedeloris:

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  • Ujima Radio has a brand new show! ‘Let’s Talk About: Blood & Organ Donation’ We have teamed up with Bristol Black Carers & the NHS to bring you 6-7 shows discussing this subject.  Tune in […]
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