Looking for a career with an impact? NHS Nurses make a difference to the lives of patients every day!

Looking for a career with impact? You may want to consider a degree in nursing – nurses in the NHS make a difference to the lives of patients every day. Search ‘NHS Nursing Careers’ to find the course for you. #WeAreTheNHS


  • Did you know that annual payments of at least £5,000 are available to help eligible nursing students? And you don’t even need pay it back! If you’re interested in becoming a nurse, search ‘NHS Nursing Careers’. #WeAreTheNHS
  • Nursing is one of the most rewarding and impactful careers available within the NHS. Interested? Search ‘NHS Nursing Careers’ to find out more about the range of nursing roles available in the NHS. #WeAreTheNHS
  • A nursing degree doesn’t just lead to one job – did you know that there are over 50 types of nursing jobs and specialisms? Search ‘NHS Nursing Careers’ to find out more. #WeAreTheNHS    


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