Tammy Payne

Miranda Rae chatting to Tammy Payne

Really looking forward to chatting to Tammy Payne
on this weeks The Word on Ujima Radio 98fm.
We have a good ole chinwag about the music biz over the last 30 years. Tammy has had an incredible career and worked with such an amazing long list of incredible musicians including Adrian Utley, Smith N Mighty, Jim Bar from Portishead just to name a few, she was signed to the brilliant Talking Loud record label and released tracks with Warner Bros.
Tammy Payne
We reminisce about good ole Tristan B who has helped so many of us with our careers, including managing Tammy, we remember the days of the Ashton Court Festival and compare notes of our most memorable experiences, (naked Moonflowers is all I am gonna giveaway at this point, if you know you know). I ask if she has issues with the old boys network and generally chew the fat. Tammy is currently working with a wicked new band called The Super Models and just last week she re-released an album that was previously only released in Japan 20 years ago with a band called Sissi, loads of great names on the album and made in collaboration with Jim Barr from Portishead and now released by the awesome Bristol Archive Records. So come and join us as we journey through the sounds of Tammy Payne from back in the day to her latest sounds.
That’s on The Word this Friday 4-6pm on

Ujima Radio 98fm

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