Race Equality North Somerset aka RENS send tribute to Asher!

Thank you to you and your colleagues for honouring Asher’s memory by your programmes and the tributes being broadcast.

In addition to his well-known work in Bristol and with Ujima Radio, Asher was a much loved and respected soul in Weston-super-Mare, where he lived.

He became a member of Race Equality North Somerset and supported us with our promotion of Black History Month North Somerset events. He was also a founding member of Ago Ame, the local social group for the local African and Caribbean community.

Asher was always excited about being with people that acknowledged and celebrated Black culture which is why he supported Ujima Radio and loved being in Bristol and going down to London when he could. He was always helpful and introduced people he knew from groups such Ujima Radio, the Rastafarian community and others.

He was also a very keen and enthusiastic photographer and would wake up early to be able to take pictures at dawn, whether of the sky, the countryside or of the sea. He loved being near the sea. He also loved being able to cycle and his bike was his pride and joy. He enjoyed cycling on his own, but sometimes with friends, touring the local countryside around Weston-super-Mare. It was with his bike that, rain or shine, he would travel from Weston up to Bristol to do his show, returning late at night, energised from the adrenalin of his show and the people he had met.

He was so helpful and supportive to so many people, and we were looking forward to him DJ-ing for our closing Black History Month North Somerset event on 31st October. Unfortunately he was too unwell to attend. Later, two of his many friends – Yvonne and Patrick – went to his home and found that he had passed away. As one can imagine, this was a terrible shock to us all – as we knew it would be for everyone who knew him.

Our thanks to Yvonne, a close friend of Asher’s, as well as a Trustee of Race Equality North Somerset, for contacting his family, Ujima Radio and other groups, which is such a painful and difficult thing to have to do.

We would like to take this opportunity to formally express our condolences to his family and we wish to sympathise with his many close friends and colleagues as well as all who knew him or listened to his shows.

Thank you again to all at Ujima Radio for acknowledging and honouring this talented but humble gentleman who made such a positive impact in his inimitable way.

May He Rest In Power and Rest In Peace.

Audio version of Tribute from RENS:

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