Save Bob Marley Beach in Jamaica!!

Free and Public access to Bob Marley Beach, along with the health and integrity of the local ecology, are all under immediate threat!

Help save one of the world’s most beautiful landmarks spiritually and physically!

Not many of you would know about the beautiful natural haven at the foot of Sugar Loaf Hill, 9 miles outside Kingston, Jamaica. This beach area has a long-standing Rastafarian history and presence. It was occupied by Bongo Gabby (also known as Natty Dread), father of Rubba aka Norman Stephenson. Rubba is a well known and loved artist, dancer and drummer and is calling for our help. The Crowdfunder has been running for months for so far only raised £500!  Come on guys, lets help and share this story far and wide.  Ziggy and Cedella Marley are now both behind this campaign too.  Rubba’s father, Natty Dread and the patriarch of the Ancient Nyahbinghi order who, along with Mortimer Planno, was responsible for teaching the ways of Rastafari to Bob Marley through mentorship. Bob Marley, Peter Tosh and Bunny Wailer all lived here with Bongo Gabby, creating music that has inspired so many people on this planet. The Wailers were all stalwart supporters of the longstanding Rastafari settlement, in existence since the 1950s.

Free and Public access to Bob Marley Beach, along with the health and integrity of the local ecology, are all under immediate threat by an outside investor determined to build an exclusive luxury hotel. This appeal is to defend our land ownership rights, ensure the whole beach remains open for everyone’s use, not just the select few.
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Find out more when Rubba joins The Word with Miranda this Friday 21st April between 4-6pm live on Ujima Radio!
Evidence of the negative effects of discriminatory beach access laws at work:
● ‘The side of Jamaica you never get to see’ (Anthony Bourdain Parts Unknown) link to youtube
● ‘Advocacy group bats for protected access to Bob Marley Beach in St Thomas’
● ‘Residents facing eviction from Bob Marley Beach in St. Thomas’
● ‘Bob Marley Beach Residents Angered At Eviction Orders’
● ‘Residents fight to protect access to Bob Marley Beach’
● Newspaper article from our attorney in response to Prime minister’s announcement
● Smile TV Jamaica interview with lawyer Marcus Goffe and JaBBEM director Devon Taylor: ‘The Battle for Bob Marley Beach SmileTV’ youtube
● Audio recording of a radio interview with Glocal Ujima FM on my website, Bob Marley Beach News Blog
We thank you for your kind support.
One Love.
Norman ‘Rubba’ Stephenson
(Son of Rastafari Elder Bongo Gabby)
We must “Get up, Stand Up” to stop the inequity caused by outdated post-colonialist laws that let commercial tourism overrule the rights of the public of Jamaica and the protection of its natural environment.

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