The Cause Bristol to promote Unity, Equality, and Opportunity!


The Cause Bristol is a community organization formed in 2020 based in the city of Bristol.

Made up of a team of like-minded individuals from different backgrounds with various assets, qualities, skills, and life experiences, who all share a mutual passion for The Cause Bristol to promote Unity, Equality, and Opportunity.

Aiming to create a community that works for everyone, striving to find effective solutions, and inspire change for the future, through collaboration, regular discussion, and proactively challenging ongoing underlying issues.

The Cause Bristol also places young people at the heart of what they do, as they want to create numerous opportunities in order to support and nurture voices, ideas, and creativity.

The Cause Bristol believe divisions still exist between people of different class, race, age, sexuality, gender identity, disability & minority groups, and even as people move towards a more compassionate society, there are still those who are left behind.

Whilst there are organizations that do great work to promote inclusion on behalf of single demographic groups, inevitably that means some people, often the most marginalized in society, find themselves under represented.

The Cause Bristol aim to promote an inclusive culture that can exist between ALL, and rather than just imposing their own ideas and philosophies, they will collectively listen, understand, to then take action that actually achieves goals.

Priding themselves in the ongoing development of people, from 1-2-1 mentorship, small to large group settings, and taking a holistic approach to those with specific and additional needs.

The Cause Bristol work to put empowerment and making a real difference first, striving to ensure the knowledge and tools that will enable individuals to see and feel the benefits of continuous progression, are available to those who require it most.

The Cause Bristol have weekly Creative Youth Sessions that are located in various Youth Centres around Bristol and offer the opportunity for young people to express themselves mentally and physically freely through the means of

The Cause Bristol Creative Workshops are designed to give people the chance to explore their creativity within music production, vocal recording, live performance, DJ-ing and video / photography and opportunities to learn more about the creative industries.

The Cause Bristol also facilitate community events, pop ups, and collective discussions in order to find effective solutions to barriers many face, as they believe different ideas along with aligned principles can strongly contribute to change.

The Cause Bristol is a self funded organization and are always looking to partner and collaborate with individuals and other organizations who may have their own ideas but share the same principles as theirs to promote Unity, Equality, and Opportunity.


INSTAGRAM: @thecausebristol
FACEBOOK: The Cause Bristol

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