The legendary pioneer of Garage music, DJ Disciple comes to Bristol!

Roasted presents DJ Disciple (NYC) with residents. Deli-G and Ben Daley The Love Inn, Bristol on Sat 22nd July!

This week’s featured guest on The Word with Miranda is none other than the legendary DJ Disciple from New York ahead of his gig in Bristol at The Love Inn on Sat 22nd July. DJ Disciple is a DJ and house music producer from Brooklyn, New York & was massively influential in the rise of UK garage music. Stateside, he was considered a cornerstone of New York City’s house music scene.

Celebrating the release of his book, ‘The Beat, The Scene, The Sound’

‘A DJ’s Journey through the Rise, Fall, and Rebirth of House Music in New York City.’

“The Beat, the Scene, the Sound” follows DJ Disciple and his behind-the-scenes account of how DJs, promoters, fans, and others from diverse communities transformed house music from a DIY project into an international sensation amidst the tumult of 1980s and 90s-era.

When house music first rose to prominence in the 1980s, it brought people together. But as DJ Disciple established himself in the scene, he witnessed it shatter. During the crack-cocaine epidemic, he literally dodged bullets bringing his records to and from clubs at night. The HIV/AIDS epidemic and homophobia threw up fear-based partitions. Then, mayors worked to close the clubs. House music was pushed underground and then abroad to the UK and Europe.

DJ Disciple is a Black artist, DJ, radio host, producer, and community advocate based in Brooklyn, New York. He has toured the world over a forty-year career. In 1987, he began working as a radio host. He gained a reputation for debuting music before its official release date. Among that music were the songs “Follow Me” (1992) by Aly-Us and “Beautiful People” (1994) by Barbara Tucker. His show was also unusual in that he played dance music by female DJs.

And this is just a taster of DJ Diciples incredible journey. Tune in this Friday between 4-6pm when he joins Miranda on The Word to find out more!

Roasted presents DJ Disciple (NYC) with residents. Deli-G and Ben Daley The Love Inn, Bristol on Sat 22nd July at The Love Inn, Stokes Croft, Bristol from 10pm to 4am.

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