The Steers family to go the extra mile for the Wallace & Gromit’s Grand Appeal

It’s that time again for the Steers family to go the extra mile for the Wallace & Gromit’s Grand Appeal

One of the Ujima Radio family are undertaking an incredible feat of endurance to raise money for 3 incredibly important charities!

Phred Steer  & Lee Gartside are undertaking 3 ultras back on back over 3 days in #cornwall on the Atlantic Coast,
the event is Votwo Atlantic Coast Challenge to raise vital funds for 3 incredlble charities.
Listen to the interview with Lily & Phred Steer on The Word with Miranda on Ujima Radio:
This will help advertise the Bristol Children’s Hospital. #bristolchildrenshospital
and how they support sick children and families across our region people across our region and in specialty areas the #uk.
This challenge is not only to promote #healthierlifestyle’s #living but also raise it funds and awareness for the Wallace & Gromit’s Grand Appeal plus say a big thank you to Birdwell Primary School
and raise funds for an all weather surface for their Sports Playground.
So, take a moment to click on the following links:
To date Phred has spoken to a combination of companies and organisations regarding considering sponsorship of the event and have 20 so far, but there’s still plenty of space on the t-shirt if you are interested or know anyone who is interested to take part please do reach out to Phred on Instagram:
Thanks for taking the time to read and hopefully donate!! 😊

Phred says:

“At the forefront of this initiative is the Grand Appeal, the charity for Bristol Children’s Hospital. Having experienced the remarkable impact of their work firsthand, I am deeply committed to supporting their mission. Lily, my youngest daughter, fell ill just before her 6th birthday, and our family found itself in the unexpected position of needing the services of Bristol Children’s Hospital.

This experience was a rollercoaster of emotions, and during those challenging times, the Grand Appeal provided immeasurable support not only to Lily but also to our entire family. Witnessing their dedication to easing the burden on families and the exceptional care they provide, I am compelled to raise both awareness and funds to ensure their vital work continues.

Additionally, my affiliation with the Rotary Club has introduced me to a group of individuals dedicated to making a positive impact. Through the Rotary Club of Portishead, I was connected with Paul Darling, who learned about my journey of recovery from COVID-19. My transition was helped by my healthier lifestyle after a heart attack 8 year’s previously due to so called hereditary heath conditions! This allowed me to complete a 10km trail run, during which I raised £600 for local food banks.  The Rotary Club’s commitment to local and global communities resonates deeply with me, and their unwavering support has been instrumental in my journey. So I’m trying to show others across the region what they do and hopefully this challenge will attract a younger member to all the clubs involved which include Rotary Clubs in Bristol, Portishead, Truro and St Ives.  Furthermore, Birdwell School holds a special place in my heart as it is where my daughters, Lily and Daisy, attended. When Lily’s illness challenged our family, Birdwell School became a pillar of support, demonstrating the incredible strength of community bonds. Aligning perfectly with our vision for healthier living and communal care, I am determined to contribute to the school’s mission. My conviction is that individual well-being forms the foundation for strong families, resilient healthcare systems, and ultimately, a harmonious global community. This event symbolizes the significance of personal triumphs over adversity and the collective strength of united communities. This challenge is not only to promote healthier living but also raise funds and awareness for the Grand Appeal and raise with funding with Rieki therapy plus say a big thank you to Birdwell School and raise funds for an all-weather surface for their Sports Playground.”

The links are as follows: 

Grand appeal:



The Cornish coastline
Trevose Head to Lands End
3 stunning days
#votwoatlanticcoastchallenge #supportcrew #beachhopping #cornwallcoast

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