Ujima’s very own Atki2 from popular Super Soca Show releases brand new Polari EP!

Five new experimental club tracks from Ujima’s Atki2.

Sam Atkin’s aka Atki2’s polari is an aural language all his own; emotive music, queer at heart. Touched by garage, uk bass and dancehall, but never getting too close. Psychedelic moods, occasional nostalgia, late-night cruising vibes.

A successor, in a way, to his Guilty Pleasures EP released back in the day on Werk Discs; even featuring a guest vocal from dear friend and long-time collaborator, Indi Kaur.

Download from Bandcamp NOW:


All tracks written and produced by Sam Atkins. Vocals on “Night Drive” by Indi Kaur, arranged by Atki2.

Producer /DJ /Pianist /Presenter and selector for Super Soca Show on Ujima Radio /co-promoter of Ruffnek Diskotek for 17 years /Atki2 /Monkey Steak.

Atiki2’s album ‘Requiem’ is out now on The state51 Conspiracy.

He has released tracks on various labels: State51 Conspiracy, Steak House Records, Idle Hands, Swim Club, Immerse, Punch Drunk, Planet Mu, Frijsfo Beats, Werk Discs, Terminal Dusk, theAgriculture.

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Miranda Rae

Miranda Rae is a Producer and Presenter with over 25 years experience of working in radio and music industries including her own weekly show on BBC Radio 5 for which she won a Sony Award and many years on the infamous Galaxy Radio where Miranda played a pivotal role in the UK’s music scene. Miranda assists in overseeing, and helps to curate over 50 programmes a week. The role is multi-faceted and includes training, broadcasting, producing, programming, supporting emerging talent, social media, PR & publicity, event management and stage management, employing many technical skills including editing and using many different software as a user and a programmer.