Living for the Streetz wants to hear your Coming Out stories

Ujima’s Living for the Streetz show would ❤️ LOVE you to share your Coming Out stories!
If you are interested in sharing your stories.
Please email:
You don’t have to give a name.
We really appreciate your contribution to the show!
Tune into Living on The Streetz every Monday
10am to 12pm!
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Miranda Rae

Miranda Rae is a Producer and Presenter with over 25 years experience of working in radio and music industries including her own weekly show on BBC Radio 5 for which she won a Sony Award and many years on the infamous Galaxy Radio where Miranda played a pivotal role in the UK’s music scene. Miranda assists in overseeing, and helps to curate over 50 programmes a week. The role is multi-faceted and includes training, broadcasting, producing, programming, supporting emerging talent, social media, PR & publicity, event management and stage management, employing many technical skills including editing and using many different software as a user and a programmer.

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