Bristol’s Black community & Covid-19

What? How? When? Why? Who?

Okay so the order of those words may be in the wrong order but you know what we mean!

There are so many questions swirling around our [Bristol’s Black] community around covid-19. Yes, we all wanted it to be over and done with; we saw the headlines, local businesses took an economic hit, families and friends were isolated. So of course we wanted to move on.

But, how can you move on when you’re still trying to make sense of information – or the lack of – and then need to make a health decision based on that?

For a lot of us, we felt under-served, unheard, ignored, dismissed…maybe even forgotten until it came to representation. Hence, the questions at the start of this post…yuh see it deya?

Luckily, Bristol Black Carers (more on them in another post) has teamed up with Ujima Radio to have open and honest conversations around all of this and more so tune in! Not only that, have YOUR say.


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