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Okay, let’s be real. How many times have we been to the GP with our concerns just to be dismissed? Or told a nurse we’re in pain only to be ignored or when finally paid attention to, told “you’re strong, you can handle it”. Or heard the word “probably”….instead of having thorough checks?

Our experience with the healthcare industry isn’t great at all. It’s abysmal. And outside of that, it’s not like we have the best relationship with our bodies either. Be it over/hyper-sexualisation, lack of information regarding our bodies, the effects of religion and colonisation, respectability politics…….laaard gaaaad! The list is endless.

And then you add covid-19 to the mix: recipe for…maybe not a disaster, but it’s not looking good.

How we were handled by NHS in terms of covid-19 regulations and being told you have to get it otherwise face sanctions was horrible. Our Black community were already at an economic disadvantage, had and has a high number of people who don’t speak English as their first language thus face even more discrimination, risk of losing jobs, not getting the childcare they need and more. However, there were also some who were fine throughout the pandemic.

We on the #ControlYourHealth show want to hear about your experiences of how you felt you were treated during lockdown and bodily automony. And what are you doing to reclaim – if you are – YOUR body?

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