Ramp Up Radio with DJ SUV & Slix MC

Ramp Up Radio with DJ SUV, Slix MC, Chronic Drop MC

Check out Ujima’s No 1 Drum & Bass show with Mercury Prize Winner DJ SUV & Slix MC for 2 hours of uninterrupted, back 2 back Drum n Bass bangers with the Mercury Prize Winning DJ & Producer DJ SUV plus Slix MC and guest DJ’s from across the globe

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In The Now with DaBoothe & Maxx

It’s officially end of the week and what better way to see in the weekend with Daboothe and Maxx!

With their fingers on the pulse of the music industry in the Southwest join Daboothe & Maxx as they showcase and pioneer new music.

Missed it? Everyt’ing kriss….simply listen to the replay by clicking on the players above…

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Muzikology Xtra with Lawd Skrew

Presented by Lawd Skrew – artist, engineer, sound systems and a treasure chest of everything muzikal!

Born and grown in Bristol – one of UKs vibrant music cities – tune in as Lawd Skrew takes you on a muzikal journey….one love. Lawd Skrew has an unrivalled and unique collection and knowledge of music spanning over 4 decades and has played an integral part in making Bristol’s global reputation in the music industry! 

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Rise Up Breakfast Show with Miss Divine, Becky & Oona

THE RISE UP Breakfast  8-10am with Miss Divine, Becky & Oona 


Brighten up your Thursday morning with this amazing team of Ujima Sisters!

Bringing you the latest news – global and local, interviews, music and interesting topics.

Text or WhatsApp 07960 240 198

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The Rise Up Breakfast Show with Donald Mack

The Rise Up Breakfast Show with Donald Mack – Together We Rise


Start your day with Donald Mack with jokes, banter and superb mix of music, roots, reggae and loads more…

Bringing you the latest news – global and local, interviews, music and interesting topics.

Text or WhatsApp 07960 240 198

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The Wordlife Show with Krazy

The Wordlife Show hosted by Krazy

The Wordlife Show hosted by Krazy – a well established artist, producer, record label owner and promoter from the city – he and the team have a special guest artist on the show every week.

Krazy plays a variety of music from local and global names. With the special guest artist co-hosting and introducing their music. For the last part of the show the artist is interviewed and then performs some of their material live.

The interview and freestyle segments are recorded, filmed and edited by Venomous Visuals and released on The Wordlife Official You Tube channel.


Make sure you subscribe to the channel so you don’t miss an episode.

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Cruising with Jenny Whyisounds

Brought to you by Jenny Whyisounds

Taking you from A to B with Ujima – Cruising Show! Classic tracks, chat, travel updates, news, local events guaranteed to make you laugh and relax after a hard day.

Drive time show with traffic and travel reports, news and conversation mixed with THE best Old Skool music around to keep you grooving.

Got local news to share? Call or text in to spread the word!

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IG: @ujimaradio


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Alt Rev with Daniel, Mike & Angus

The Alternative Review with Mike, Daniel & Angus.

The Alternative Review is Ujima’s number 1 listened to radio show – there’s no  evidence for this but it’s a scientific fact! It is also the longest running show on Ujima, a concept invented by Peter Gabriel  back in 1977 (originally called Tenko but no-one understood the name). Peter wanted a film review show presented by real people to review the forthcoming release of Star Wars. Unfortunately they couldn’t  broadcast the show until Star Wars was released in the UK in 1978.

Dan And Mike were only 5 and 6 years old when they became the youngest ever presenters on Ujima Radio (which would not actually exist for many years to come). They were accompanied  by International Superstar DJ™ Satan Strange who despite his name, at that time was still playing bass for the least liked line up of Barnes-Wallis Simpson (not a patch on the previous Barnes Noyce Simpson Experience ) #1

Since then, The Alternative Review (or alt.rev as the cool kids call it) has broken many barriers of taste and decency and many guests have died live on the air. These include the first 2 DJ Styles, Mrs Divine #2, Lulu,  Tommy Popplecock, International Superstar DJ™ Gabriel Normal and DJ Presto (sucked into Myriad). All the team members were murdered live on the air on the 2017 Halloween Special#3 and Michael also died at the end of what was confusingly called series 1 in early 2017 but he turned out to just be in the shower (see below about out-dated references). Despite all the danger, the team bravely review films every week against all the odds, increasing cinema prices and repeated assassination attempts by the current DJ Style (who still hasn’t listened to the 1977 pilot yet). Satan Strange has also survived being shot in the face and a heart attack where the team left him to die. It was only the intervention of Dr J and a Polish cleaner called Helga#4 that saved him.

Presenters are:

Daniel, widely regarded as the most unreasonable presenter on Ujima 98 FM (and that takes some beating), barely disguising his contempt for the film industry, the team and the listener, it’s only a matter of time before he snaps live on air and does the unthinkable. Catchphrase: Unbelievable.

Michael, Ujima’s answer to Louis Walsh despite not understanding the actual question, a semi autistic savant with an encyclopedic knowledge of random stuff that no-one cares about………..and a sackful of outdated references nobody wants.  Always living in the shadow of his famous author cousin who writes pornographic novels under a nom de plume #5. Catchphrase: Irrepressible.


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IG: @ujimaradio

TW: @ujimaradio

FB: @ujimaradio98fm

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Becky takes on the Thurday Rise Up Breakfast Show on Ujima Radio!

Start your day with positive vibes with music from up & coming artists in the Southwest, the latest news, traffic & travel, weather and loads more!

Whatever the day brings for our listeners Becky will get you ready for it with a fantastic selection of music and guests who have something worth hearing to say.

Whatsapp or text us to get your opinion heard on 07960240198.


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Shades of The Blues

Shades of the Blues is presented by John Banks and is the longest running blues and classic soul show in the West. John has been presenting in Gloucestershire, Swindon and Bristol for over 20 years.

The show is built on a mix of 90 years of blues tracks from 1929 to date, current blues and blues influenced releases and an abundance of classic soul and R&B. 

New releases (including re-releases) make up a large part of the playlist and are featured for several weeks.

John has a deep experience of the music and provides listeners with historical information about the music, insights into the characters and lives of the performers. and anecdotes of interviews with many of these great artists.

Updates of local gigs and UK tours are presented regularly and new books about the blues and soul are featured as they are published.

John has produced a number of shows highlighting the contribution that individual US cities made to the genre and more recently a series of 10 shows have been broadcast that follow the progression of soul music in its golden decade from 1962 to 1971.

John is passionate about the music and encourages listeners to look for the music and to find out more about its rich heritage.



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