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Docu Drama by Writer/Director Somina Fombo of Blak Wave Productions

A nostalgic look into the black British tomboys from yesteryear told through the lens of queer black women
who wore the label with pride throughout the 1990s.

Ola (lead role)
Aged 13-15 / Female British Nigerian
West country / neutral Accent
Tomboy, headstrong, very confident

Saki (Ola’s Brother – secondary role)
Aged 18-19
British Nigerian / Male
West country / neutral Accent Good son, naturally high achiever, very gifted

Tito (Ola’s Mum – secondary role)
Aged 40-55 / Female Nigerian AbletospeakYoruba/Ibani Single mum, stern, emotional

Miss (PE Teacher – minor speaking role)
Aged 25-35 / Female
Black / Mixed Black Heritage Any Accent
In the closet, strong values, supportive

Sabrina (Ola’s Friend – minor speaking role)
Aged 13-15 / Female
Black / Mixed Black Heritage
Any Accent
Free spirit, very popular, oxymoron


All the roles are written as binary gender roles, however we are open to casting non-binary talent in these roles.

If interested please contact: alix@blakwaveproductions.com with the name of the character(s) and we will share full character breakdown and information on fees.

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