Ujima Radio reports on the housing crisis in Bristol!

UWE Bristol students Matt & Bea investigate the Housing crisis in the city of Bristol on Ujima Radio!

Tune in this Friday from 8-10am for The Rise Up Breakfast Show on Ujima radio.

On this week’s episode, Mack will be joined by UWE students Matt and Bea, who will be discussing the housing crisis in Bristol and its impact on homelessness in the city. They will also be joined in the studio by charity coordinator Luke Mitchell from Caring in Bristol.

Don’t miss the show hosted by Donald Mack on Friday the 14th July.

Listen on 98FM / DAB / Online

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For more info visit: https://caringinbristol.co.uk/

#ujima #ujimaradio #Bristol #UWE #housingcrisis #homelessness

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The legendary pioneer of Garage music, DJ Disciple comes to Bristol!

Roasted presents DJ Disciple (NYC) with residents. Deli-G and Ben Daley The Love Inn, Bristol on Sat 22nd July!

This week’s featured guest on The Word with Miranda is none other than the legendary DJ Disciple from New York ahead of his gig in Bristol at The Love Inn on Sat 22nd July. DJ Disciple is a DJ and house music producer from Brooklyn, New York & was massively influential in the rise of UK garage music. Stateside, he was considered a cornerstone of New York City’s house music scene.

Celebrating the release of his book, ‘The Beat, The Scene, The Sound’

‘A DJ’s Journey through the Rise, Fall, and Rebirth of House Music in New York City.’

“The Beat, the Scene, the Sound” follows DJ Disciple and his behind-the-scenes account of how DJs, promoters, fans, and others from diverse communities transformed house music from a DIY project into an international sensation amidst the tumult of 1980s and 90s-era.

When house music first rose to prominence in the 1980s, it brought people together. But as DJ Disciple established himself in the scene, he witnessed it shatter. During the crack-cocaine epidemic, he literally dodged bullets bringing his records to and from clubs at night. The HIV/AIDS epidemic and homophobia threw up fear-based partitions. Then, mayors worked to close the clubs. House music was pushed underground and then abroad to the UK and Europe.

DJ Disciple is a Black artist, DJ, radio host, producer, and community advocate based in Brooklyn, New York. He has toured the world over a forty-year career. In 1987, he began working as a radio host. He gained a reputation for debuting music before its official release date. Among that music were the songs “Follow Me” (1992) by Aly-Us and “Beautiful People” (1994) by Barbara Tucker. His show was also unusual in that he played dance music by female DJs.

And this is just a taster of DJ Diciples incredible journey. Tune in this Friday between 4-6pm when he joins Miranda on The Word to find out more!

Roasted presents DJ Disciple (NYC) with residents. Deli-G and Ben Daley The Love Inn, Bristol on Sat 22nd July at The Love Inn, Stokes Croft, Bristol from 10pm to 4am.


@mirandarae007 @ujimaradio @djdisciplenyc Deli Gee @deligdj

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Boomtown donate float to Ujima Radio for Procession 2023!

Boomtown Festival aka Boomtown Fair helped the biggest African & Caribbean organisation in Bristol to take part in the biggest African & Caribbean Carnival outside of London!

This year we wanted to make sure we supported St Paul’s Carnival in style and at the same time celebrate 15 years of broadcasting and thanks to Boomtown we did just that!

The amazing team at Boomtown including Kirsty, Rose and Prue faciliated loaning us an float unlike anything seen at the Carnival before. Artist and Sculptor Jason was commissioned by Boomtown to design a one off Art Car consisting of an old taxi once left in the fields of Wales in a state of disrepair, mounted on top of a vintage armoured military vehicle with a banging Sound System built especially for the mamouth vehicle.  Paul from DJ Kit Bristol ensured a banging sound system blew the crowds away when the Ujima family DJ’s kicked off.  After a nerve racking start the procession began with the legendary Bristol Crew & Ujima DJ’s, the Dancehall Generals, DJ Mega, DJ Johnny Bling and Selecta Duck kicked  with the unique blend of tunes.

We were greeted by 10’s of 1000’s of smiling, cheering faces shouting for Ujima.  The Ujima Family turned in style with Wordlife’s Krazy and crew including Kraay and Rising Son, Sharon Angela, DJ Propa Soul, Rev P and Peacemakers patrol, Mary in The Mirror, Jenny Whisounds, Becky, Holly and Miss Divine from the Rise Up Breakfast Show, Jaya, Skylion, Ursula, TJ, Jason from The Cause Bristol (coming soon to Ujima Radio), Grace, Mike from ALT REV, Joan, Lisa from Interculture with performances by Lorna Da Angel and then the epitome of carnival sounds and the crowd went crazy when The Super Soca Show guys took over.  Atki2, Dub Boy and Jonesy Wales blew the lid off the day with the perfect mix of Soca vibes.  Even when the procession ended the party continued with 1000’s of people following on behind the float continued to party. Just when you think the day can’t get any better Jonesy Wales dropped a track that no one else on the Globe had, an incredibly exclusive Soca track by General Levy and the crowd went wild! Krazy and his crew including Rising Son ended the proceedings with killer performance from Rising Son. We have to say a huge thank you to Nick & Bruce who did a superb job stewarding and keeping everyone safe along with the Boomtown team! Incredible Drone footage by Valentin Saiz captured the vibes and some great content and videos from everyone.  We cannot begin to thank everyone that turned out to support Ujima you know who you are!

We must say a huge thank you to our sponsors on the day including Oowee, Boomtown, DJ Kit Bristol and the Peacemakers Patrol.  As well as thank you to Ashanti Empress for the amazing Bomber Jackets and Bristol Clothing Pushers for ‘Ujimafying’ them!

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Ujima Powerplays July 2023

Check Ujima Radio’s Powerplays for July 2023!

Congratulations to this months successsful submissions for July Powerplays!

In no particular order this months Powerplays are listed below:

Are you an artist based in Bristol or the Southwest?  Would you like to have your music selected to play on Ujima Radio?

Every month Ujima Radio selects 10 of the very best tracks released in Bristol & Southwest which then get featured twice an hour across our Primetime Shows including The Rise Up Breakfast Show Mon-Friday 8-10am and The Cruising Show Mon-Friday 4-6pm and the Urban Grooves Playouts.If you are an artist based in the Southwest you could have your track featured. All you have to do is send your track on MP3 making sure lyrics are clean and conscious, include a headshot of yourself, your social media tags and if you are successful we will let  you know.Email:  ujimaoffice@gmail.comPut in the Subject bar “Powerplays“.Good luck and keep listening to hear if your track gets selected!













@0neway_uk @djtasungie @jah.garvey1 @supercharmz_official @dblackzmusic @kaaykoated






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After 3 years hiatus the St Pauls Carnival returns to the streets of Bristol this weekend Sat 1st July

This weekend Sat 1st July, expect a full day of activities, music, food and live entertainment at St Paul’s Carnival.

With this year’s theme “learning from the legends, remember, celebrate and nurture, and in-line with that theme, on the main stage will be a celebration for 50 years of Hip Hop. Ujima’s very own DJ Style will be paying homage to the Old School era with a special set.  So come and join him live on the Roy Hackett Memorial Stage (next to the Learning Centre) live from 4:25-5:05pm.

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Ujima are proud to announce the return of UN Peacemaker Rev P to the airwaves!

Reverend Palmer returns to Ujima Radio for a brand new show every Monday 12-2pm – Soul Health & Wellness!

Rev Palmer was made a Peacemaker – which is part of the United Nations – in 2003 as a result of her work in St Paul’s. She was made an ambassador for peace in 2006 and in 2018 Rev P presented the very first show on Ujima Radio and we are incredibly proud to welcome her back every Monday 12-2pm for Soul Health & Wellness.

Rev P has been fighting drugs, guns, and street crimes in St Pauls, Easton, Hillfields, and other areas of Bristol, as well as Nottingham, London and Jamaica for decades. She says 20 years ago, St Paul’s was “like a supermarket for drugs” with a dealer at every corner.
‘She says, since that time to now St. Paul’s is no longer the map for crimes. It is now a much safer and respected space for the arts and culture, with new developments and fewer street crimes.’

Back in 2002, Reverend Dr Dawnecia Palmer AFP OBA was on a plane coming back from France when she saw a headline on a newspaper saying Bristol was the worst city in Europe for drugs and gun crime.

Crime at that time was at an all-time high in St Paul’s, she said, adding that it then started to move to different areas but, back then, that was the main area. “It was a supermarket for drugs,” she said. “At the time, it was horrible. I thought ‘I am part of a city that has crime and what are our churches doing?’ “I made it my job to go down down there and it felt ‘this isn’t real’. There was a guy at every corner selling drugs openly.

“There was also knife crime, shoot-outs and street sex work. We went down at night time just to see what was going on.”

Rev Palmer said that she did a seven-day fast to help her focus on the needs of the area, which is when she decided to stand with the people involved and offer love. Once those conversations started, she realised there was a reason they were there, she continued.

A common one was not having the immigration documents to be able to work in the UK so they felt the only way they could make money was to sell drugs. Other people had been victims of abuse or neglect, she said, adding some young men didn’t have a father figure and had joined a gang because they were alone while their mum was at work.

“They were telling us ‘why didn’t you come here before?’,” she said. “We didn’t want them to go away, we wanted to see some change. Each of these people is someone’s body, it’s a parent’s son.

“We would start just by being friendly and meeting them where they are, but seeing that is not who they are – underneath is a person who is a victim of their circumstances. They started to feel they could be vulnerable with us.

“They were telling us their personal stories, you hear it and it is no longer a secret. I was around to listen and ask questions.”

The mum-of-four said they had two rules – to involve no money and no religion – as they were there out of their desire to see change, which help them build trust. Not talking about religion meant they could talk to to different groups as well.

Towards the end of 2002, a conflict was brewing between two gangs and they heard there was going to be a shoot-out. She said what they did was getting people to go out on the streets – including grandparents – as they wouldn’t harm them.

“When I first shared my idea with then Commander, he laughed at the idea of me creating a team to patrol the streets to combat the gun drug and violent crimes. Around the same time they had a tip off that a massive shoot was going down. I told him I prayed and they wouldn’t have a shoot out. Again he laughed.

“But when there wasn’t a shoot out. He invited me to come back and share my ideas further. He listened intently, and took me seriously. He also agreed to support our work and gave us our first set of High Viz jackets. And that was how Prayer Patrols came about.”

Rev Palmer was made a Peacemaker – which is part of the United Nations – in 2003 as a result of her work in St Paul’s. She was made an ambassador for peace in 2006.

With the scheme being such a success, the Prayer Patrol then started to go all over the country and abroad. They have been to the US, Jamaica, Gaza and Israel, among others.

The 64-year-old said that, when they trained people, they would offer some rigorous training around what can and can’t be done, giving the example that someone who is antagonistic shouldn’t be approached.

“We had the dawn patrol, where you would see the people bringing it in, who had white skin and good cars,” she said. “They would come in before 6am.

“In the morning, people were going to work and that’s when they would be targeted to sell drugs.

“One of the most dangerous times was lunchtime, when they would start targeting children with bikes [to sell drugs for them]. That was awful and it really touched my heart.

“We would always be there. When the police were out, we would not be out there so that’s what we did, we wore them down.”

She said that drug-dealing is also about status so they were trying to make people see they had leadership and business skills that could be used elsewhere. “We would say ‘you do not have to use them in crime’, it was about helping them see that way,” she continued.

“Maybe it made them feel there was an importance to their lives without the need to take or sell drugs, that their life is valuable.

“Shaming people isn’t going to help them, I say to them ‘I know you are valuable’. Some people would begin to cry when you started talking to them.

“We caused them to have a different vision. It is about valuing your life as much as others.

“You are trying to relate that you care about them.”

Rev Palmer, whose family moved to Bristol from the Caribbean when she was two, grew up in Ashton, with her dad working as an architect and her mum as a ward sister. She has lived in Bristol all her life and, since 2010, she has been splitting her time between Bristol and the US.

She became a reverend at the age of 28 and was the first Black female pastor in Bristol. These days, she is part of the Global Spiritual Community Portal, which welcomes people of any faiths. Over the years, she has been involved in different churches including Pentecostal, New Testament, Church of England and Protestant.

Rev Palmer said that the group also spoke with people with alcohol problems, working with homeless shelters in the area. They started working with youth groups to give people something to do.

She remembers an incident where they saw a man running down Ashley Road with a machete. She said that the other woman she was out with from the Prayer Patrol just grabbed him from behind and, holding on to him, started to weep. Rev Palmer then quickly held his hand to take the machete.

“He said ‘look what you have done, you messed up good’, she continued. “We just kept praying and talking with him, telling him he didn’t need to kill that man.

“He had just come out of prison and he was ready to go back in. We stopped him so, for me, that was a good day.”

Rev Palmer said that, as a result of their work, Bristol’s image started to change. Rev Palmer described their work as “numberless”, adding for them it is about the impact they have on communities.

“Everywhere we can put a word, we are effective,” she continued. “The fact that the people who were on the street are no longer there, the fact that it stopped the drugs coming in from Jamaica and the other islands shows we got to the root of it.

“I feel like things have advanced a lot, there is a lot more listening going on now. It is a different mindset and I am very happy to see the changes. I feel hopeful for the future.

“I do not know why I am called to do it. For me, it is about being somebody that could create a change and make a difference.” Rev Palmer said that one of her big concerns these days is around missing young people and County Lines drugs networks. She also said that the lockdowns caused a lot of mental health problems and that she worries about how that is going to show.

Rev Palmer is now campaigning to try to have a ‘World Awareness Day’ on Friday, March 18, to celebrate that every life is precious and valuable.

She said: “People get put in boxes and the whole idea behind the awareness day would be to have a day where we just appreciate life.”

Rev P  is a New Thought Practitioner, she studied Metaphysics in America, got a Doctorate in Wellness & Wellbeing.

Rev P has written a book called:

Wellnessology: The Power of Everyday Wellness

Dawnecia Palmer aka Lady Dawnecia Palmer started writing at the tender age of five. In 2015 following a major heart surgery, she was diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue. A time she calls ‘my days of gross darkness and despair.’ In an effort to help her cope, she developed and created a system of opposites, using thoughts, words, feeling, and pictures, a principle she named Wellnessology. After 30 consecutive days of using the principle, she said, “I began to thrive, beam, and even soar on what seem to me ‘clouds of hope and delight.”

She still uses ‘the principle’ today, and continues to thrive beyond her diagnosis, citing Wellnessology as a lifestyle.

Over the years the principle has further developed, evaluated, and proven to be helpful for hundreds of people, in various parts of the world. Building on this work, Wellnessology soon became an alternative healing modality, and is today one of the foundational teaching modules for a leading Alternative University based in the UK.

Lady Palmer is an inspirational writer, certified health and wellness practitioner, a pioneer in the art of Breathology, and Breathomics.™ She is also a global spiritual leader/teacher, public speaker, serial entrepreneur, and philanthropist.

Dawnecia is passionate about preserving nature and the planet, standing up for justice, fairness, and equity for all people. She mainly resides in the UK.

Make sure you tune in every Monday 12-2pm to hear Rev P live on Ujima Radio with Soul Health & Wellness.  You can text or Whatsapp any questions or comments on: 07960240198

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Bristol Reggae Orchestra & Windrush Choir open the world’s most iconic Stage at the world’s most iconic festival.

Bristol Reggae Orchestra & Windrush Choir are opening the Pryamid Stage at Glastonbury Festival today at 11am!

With just hours to go until Bristol Reggae Orchestra & Windrush Choir perform on the worlds most famous stage, Pyramid Stage, at the world’s most famous festival, Glastonbury Festival, here’s how you can watch them live on BBC 1, when the coverage will start at 12pm.

The choir are on at 11-11.45am so need to use this link:


Sending massive big up to all of the performers, huge congratulations & thanks for shining wicked spotlight on Bristol!!


Bristol Reggae Orchestra & Windrush Choir are a collective of local musicians connected by the music they love! Drawing influences from reggae, ska, jazz and classical music.


The Bristol Reggae Orchestra & Windrush Choir performed live on The Word with Miranda on Ujima Radio on Friday 16th June between 4-6pm, if you missed it then catch up using our Listen Again service using this link:


#bristolreggaeorchestra #glastonbury #glastofest #reggaemusic #stpaulsbristol

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Ujima Radio are proud to welcome Shoutout Radio to the team!

To celebrate Pride Month Ujima Radio are so proud to introduce you to the team that make up Ujima’s brand new LGBTQia+ Show ShoutOut Radio.

Join Steffi, Terry, Andy, Lara, Matthew & Tara every Monday at 3pm on Ujima Radio.

ShoutOut is a community run radio show, based in Bristol who aim to provide the LGBTQia+community with radio and television content covering a wide range of subjects.

The team work hard throughout the year researching the cn<tent we deliver as well as interacting with our own and other communities.

Tune in every week at 3pm starting this Monday 19th June on Ujima Radio for this trailblazing new show, huge welcome to all the team at ShoutOut Radio!

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Bristol Rapper Jay0117 to take part in Mind Charity 2023 Tough Mudder!

Jay0017 announces he will take part in the 2023 Tough Mudder to raise vital funds for the mental health organisation Mind Charity!

Jay0017 & his Brother Harry are participating in the 2023 Tough Mudder in Bristol. He says the reason he has chosen to do this is to raise money for ‘Mind’, a Mental Health charity.  He says “Myself and people very close to me have been affected by Mental Health and I am doing this to show support. I have never done anything like this in my life and I can hardly run 5km, let alone do it while running through mud, water and electric shocks”.

The event is on August 12th. Please show support by donating what you can to an amazing cause. Suicide is the biggest killer among men under 50 & with your donations and backing you can help provide much needed support to 1000’s of people through the ‘Mind’ charity.

All donations welcome and all are very appreciated, head to the Crowdfunder using this link:






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